Why there's "too much" god-switching in my essential builds

The obvious objection to my DCSS Essential Builds is that there's too much god switching. The suggestion of multiple god switches in a game elicits much laughter. Some forbid switching altogether.

Fundamentally, I don't care. One can always just treat the multiple gods as multiple god options for the combo, peaking in power at the associated branches. Circumstances vary by crawl, influencing god choice. One could pick one or two per crawl.

The community's opposition to god switching is largely founded on the elite bias towards streaking or speedrunning due to low difficulty. In my view, DCSS should reward strategic planning that incorporates bypassing branches, then switching gods and suffering wrath on the now-easy bypassed branch. Such choices make the game more interesting. Therefore I have designed the essential builds accordingly.

This design decision is just a natural consequence of the ecosystem model I used to understand branches, gods, species and backgrounds. I didn't invent; I discovered.

Multi-godding doesn't appeal to the current community of a dying game, but then, they think interminably-boring streaking is cool. Where's the "hurt me plenty" Doom setting, you sissies? I want the dread I felt as a kid descending the dungeons beneath the Castle of the Winds. I want Death's scythe a hair's-breadth from my neck. I don't want to die because I boredly over-tabbed. I want to be mercilessly hunted by angry gods.

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