Why my character lore is rapey

What irony that DCSS deviants (on the Roguelikes#DCSS Discord) criticize my sociosexually-aware character guides as horny and disgusting, while tranny minmay posts his worthless erotic DCSS dreams to zero criticism. There's no sodomy at all in my work. How is heterosexuality disgusting? Frankly I should probably add some sodomy somewhere, it's a good explanation for a desperate loner fleeing sexual violence. That would be genuinely disgusting, like the tranny freaks and soyboy SJWs who run DCSS.

To be fair, there's a lot of cheesecake in fantasy art. Some of it is quite hot, too. The vampiress was egregious, but hypnotic vampire enchantresses are ALWAYS hot. I didn't make that call. An ugly vampire enchantress makes as much sense as a sexually timid Orc.

Rape comes up relatively often in my guides because I'm often stuck trying to explain how a low-level female is alone and desperate enough to invade an unknown dungeon, and then refuse to turn back despite ever-increasing pain and odds of death.

That is very difficult to justify. It's not normal female behavior. But sadistic sexual abuse and slavery are historically common and did produce a fair number of genuinely-desperate female lone runaways. I'm not talking about bravado and cruising for strange dick, but true grit to persist through endless bladed melee combat.

As to why I decided some of the species were female, I just went with what sociobiology seemed to suggest.

It's much easier to justify a juvenile low-status male being desperate enough to flee and take lethal risks. Sperm is cheap, eggs are dear, and men are expendable. But it's much rarer to drive away fertile females, so I had to get creative. I'm open to better solutions, but they must have sociobiological integrity. No Xena warrior princesses, please.

Anyway, it's not that I'm George Rape Rape Martin, obsessed with rape. It's just that I needed a common global event to explain the flood of desperate individuals stumbling on the Dungeon and seeking power inside at any price. The solution I stumbled upon was an Orcish invasion. And when Orcs invade, they fuck, eat and burn the conquered, not necessarily in that order.

If you can't handle that fact, you can't handle human history, much less the fantasy intensification thereof. Go back to Minecraft.

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