Proudly Banned from the Roguelikes Discord (and everywhere else)

I've been banned from the roguelikes server, interesting.

gressupšŸ§“Today at 6:46 AM
that feeling when a gif matches the song you are listening to
[6:47 AM]
sometimes I wonder if people perceive me as somehow representative of anything :thinking:
[6:47 AM]
re: the dcss player base or something
ReecesToday at 6:47 AM
You are the 99%
[6:48 AM]
gressupšŸ§“Today at 6:48 AM
[6:48 AM]
the 99% of players getting runes and losing consistently
ReecesToday at 6:48 AM
Gressup is a shining light in the dim dcss community
[6:48 AM]
guiding people from crashing upon the rocks
gressupšŸ§“Today at 6:48 AM
[6:48 AM]
I've heard that
[6:48 AM]
CerebotBOTToday at 6:48 AM
gressup[7/8]: Ā It's always difficult to say whether Gressup is less honest or intelligent. I am not concerned about being taken seriously by people who I do not consider capable of serious thought.
bmfxToday at 6:48 AM
you represent 99% of good personalities @gressupšŸ§“ :heart:
ReecesToday at 6:49 AM

[2020-02-20 Thu 12:12]

The community is dim alright.

No notice or pretext given for the ban.
I could ask why, but it doesn't matter.
Now I no longer need tolerate or read those midwits. The ratio of useful info to blather there is abysmal.

By the way, Gammafunk also kicked me from the IRC ##crawl channel. The tranny Kate banned me from Tavern way at the start. Malcolm banned me from his Discord for suggesting elsewhere that he be punished for brand hijacking. And zkyp banned me from Xtahua's DCSS channel, for reasons unstated, although he described me as "pretty low level". r/DCSS downvoted me into the negatives so that my new posts get autospammed. So it's fair to say that the DCSS community has thoroughly rejected my heterodox ideas, personality and ideology.

Mostly this is due to SJW convergence, which lowers community intelligence by eliminating low-agreeableness high IQ thinkers, preventing the adoption of new ideas, which creates conflict with a stubborn personality which refuses to back down, leading to his ouster.

Obviously my heterodox ideas are correct, as my gameplay continues to demonstrate. Thus I have already achieved one of the objectives of this project. Firstly, I wanted to demonstrate the bankruptcy of an expert consensus. Secondly, I wanted to show that a community's reaction to being proven wrong hasn't changed since they cried "Crucify him!" Thirdly, I intend to show how Cyborganize can be used to crucify the opposition.

I've picked the meaningless subject of DCSS to demonstrate how to perform an assault on much harder targets. I played it with zero surplus niceness to set the difficulty to max, so no one can say I politicked my way to a win, instead of relying purely on merit and firepower.

I could've been nicer and it would've helped my cause, obviously. However many genius personalities are not capable of doing so. It is their suppression that this project protests. Also, I'd rather not be two-faced to people who I've intended from the start to publicly dissect.

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