Posing about roleplay, and HOFi Ely

Today at 7:24 PM
what you are doing is patently roleplay and the only reason you would deny it is your shame about it
if you aren't ashamed why deny
just be like "yes this is roleplay but it is also proof of my theories"
nobody is going to take you seriously until you take yourself seriously

It's always difficult to say whether Gressup is less honest or intelligent. I am not concerned about being taken seriously by people who I do not consider capable of serious thought.

Anyhow, I'm not opposed to roleplaying. I admire it when it's well done, and considered trying my hand at it. If I were to produce entertaining roleplay, I'd use a game conducive to it, such as Skyrim Requiem or EVE Online.

Because I've considered how I would do it, I'm well aware that what I am doing now is not roleplay. There is minimal storytelling in my DCSS gameplay. My sparse commentary is almost all technical. But I suppose the mere fact that my characters are not nameless disposable thwackers must strike the mindless o-tabber as shockingly RPG-esque.

DCSS roleplaying isn't interesting. The most interesting thing about DCSS is the emergent order of essential combos, which carries minmaxing to aesthetic excess. That is what I am, a systematic heterodox minmaxer. I've always found that more entertaining than roleplay.

I don't expect anyone to understand essential combos yet. The page is posted for my own reference. I'm still busy coding and documenting Textmind, and organizing Castle of the Winds notes.

Anyway, Galost Fiawk's doing well, and has inspired a thought or two:

The trick with HOFi is getting established with a supply of consumables to cover his weakness: he's a one-dimensional cleaving tank with weak accuracy, poor skirmishing, no stealth and no magic. Ely is far better for this than Beogh, who takes time to build an army that won't melt like snowflakes.

Ely provides healing quickly, an excellent smite, counters to many statuses via Purification, and exploration piety gain with slow decay. +3 Invo heals on a tank are OP, the core of the archetypal party, making even Lesser Healing amazing. Purification mitigates early lack of gear. Heal Other works better than Smite in Lair. And that's the real power of Ely: a guaranteed Lair, with Hydras and low HP venomous speedsters countered.

By the end of an easy Lair, HOFi is geared enough to be practically immortal. Then he can do Orc with the option to convert to Beogh if he spends all his Ely piety and is still surrounded. Conversion pacifies all visible Orcs, making it like a free Lugonu Corrupt. The result is a near-guaranteed 2/3 early branches. Getting carried like this allows HOFi to level his Int despite being unable to cast yet in his heavy armor, a long term investment that will pay off in late-game power.

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