mrg's HaHu Yred game #48, reviewed

DCSS 0.23 World Record Streak Game #48: HaHu^Yredelemnul (Part 1) [DUNGEON CRAWL STONE SOUP]
Malcolm Rose Gaming

Prefers daggers cuz speed 1 while untrained. Firstly, he should be training shortblades. Secondly, heavier shortblades are superior despite slower swing.

mrg blind-wielded an enchanted dagger for +1 protection.
Artagas> couldn't disto screw you up? I mean I usually don't care but I don't run 47-streaks
mrg> "Disto would be annoying but it actually um believe it or not it would be "optimal". It's like a really bad brand in terms of having a fun game but it's a very good brand in terms of power. I don't think it would screw me up though. Maybe vs certain things that I want to be next to me like centaurs and orc priests. But the thing causes so much damage that it's more likely to just kill everything, or banish it, you know."

Wrong. Disto would prevent HaHu from skirmishing except Throwing, a disaster. Disto is dangerous because it makes monster positioning unpredictable.

@33:34 Careless exploration of D6 without triple visitation leads to orc pack ambush and Tele into Sigmund.

Zerked on invis Sigmund, which could've compounded confuse.

@50:06 Nearly died tabbing into Harold who had a wand of acid. Not playing a skirmisher at all. Just the usual mrg melee playstyle.
Asserted that Gozag is best god, but picked Yred. Very little awareness of build-god synergy. Should've picked Zin.

@1:47:02 "Halflings are closet melee gods." Goes on about the good apts.
No they aren't. They're small, frail and weak. They're bad with the Axes crosstraining group, and prefer shortblades to longblades.
They are excellent slingers, with melee as backup, and should favor stealth over heavy armor. They should wear medium armor at most.
However, mrg is wearing chain or plate at XL14, and not even using the sling. Which explains his brushes with death. He doesn't scout and ranged pull, he just charges in.

@1:47:12 "Gladiator of staves? Yeah so, about that. Throughout the course of this streak, I have determined that gladiators should pick rapiers on most characters, and not staves. Which is kind of very much against the conventional wisdom, so to speak. ... If you're curious, I could talk about my justification for that. But I mean it's very easy to think that staves are the best because well they do the most damage. And it's a very good weapon, don't get me wrong, and it requires very little in the way of mindelay skill to reach mindelay. So it's like not terrible but rapiers have well they attack the fastest out of any of the tier-two weapons that you get on starts like gladiator, and accuracy is +4 so if you look at the quarterstaff, accuracy is good, it's +3 but it's attack delay is 1.3 whereas with a rapier base attack delay is 1.2. So I'd rather be attacking a lot faster right off the bat and being more accurate in the event that I run into an adder, y'know."


XL1 HuGl vs adder, fsim aed acc
rapier: 1.7 47%
qstaff: 1.9 44%

mrg won't trade
(/ .2 1.7) +12% average effective damage for
(/ 3 47.0) -6% accuracy.

Is accuracy worth 2x effective damage? Of course not.
And that's from the monster he picked as most favorable to his case!

I recommend players practice offline in wizmode so that they can use fsim to sanity-check their weapon selection. It doesn't calculate all brands correctly, but enough of it works to give one an excellent feel for what weapon works best in a situation. The result is a much easier game.

One thing I wonder about - if fsim resets after every round, does it underestimate the benefit of protection, since a proc will reduce damage over several rounds?

Chat doesn't call him on it, backing down with, "Fair enough."

Never be impressed by midwit BS. Tryhard != smart.

@2:24:45 Got wrecked to 24 HP with Spark Wasp, Demonic Crawler and Nikola nearby. Playing a tank with Singing Sword. Foolish. The opposite of the stealthy skirmisher HaHu is supposed to be.

@2:35:12 Keeps losing 1v1 to Emperor Scorpions and relying on Yred to save him. Bad build. Hobbits aren't melee tanks. Should be training shortblades to maximize XL gain from XP invested, not longblades. Shouldn't be using Singing Sword. As a double sword, it precludes Halfling from using a shield, which is crazy with how much he's trying to melee.

@18:21 Picked D2 Ash, then found a D2 Kiku. Essential DE is DEWz Kiku. Definitely screwed that up. Kiku woulda kept him casting comfortably till Orc:2 shops and beyond. Worth the wait, since DE without spells is endangered.

@19:30 mrg said he would take Ash over Kiku regardless, because Su is strong background, so it's more important to prevent shafts. Wrong.

ManMan agrees: "Yeah makes sense"

Doesnty says Ash piety gain is based on bondage level, not # of cursed items. Makes sense.

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