mrg's DESu Ash pt3 game #49, reviewed

@1:29:59 Thinks everything corporations do is motivated by profit. Denies corporate wokeness is anything but ruthlessly greed-motivated. Foolish and ignorant. Bad at understanding human motivation.

@1:42:54 Endorsed Josh Myer's decision to go to school to become a poetry teacher. "I think you're absolutely right, dude."

He's always running OOM cuz not using any skirmishing, as usual.

@2:05:06 Redzone due to inattention. Missed artifact weapon on ghost.

@30:06 "I think it's very hard to craft a scenario where it's ever optimal to go Ashenzari."
Wrong. BaSu Ash is optimal. Other essential combos pick Ash later.

@37:55 Says "sooner than later". Not a reader. It's, "sooner rather than later."

@49:26 Yet another free speech rant. The amusing thing is that he banned me for pointing out his brand hijacking and suggesting appropriate punitive measures - to be lifted whenever he ceased. This sort of speech is protected under every definition of free speech. One must be free to discuss crimes and torts. By censoring speech on this topic, he is admitting he fears open examination of it. Even more hypocritical is that his ban was for off-server speech with no connection to the server. It underlines that his complaints about his own deplatforming have no principled basis.

Unlike Malcolm I have no complaints about deplatforming. In a religious war, genocide is the norm, and bans are merely borders. Communists are no more my neighbors than priests of Baal were Elijah's. Not that I wish to offend any honorable priests of Baal by likening them to Commie degenerates.

@2:27:17 "I didn't say I have a problem with gay people; I don't. If you're telling me you wanna live your life the way you wanna live it, that's completely cool with me man."

Degenerate libertarian. Alt-Lite.

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