mrg's DESu Ash pt2 game #49, reviewed

38:42 "Yeah, MuNe and MuAr, I guess those are probably the only two that are not terrible."

Has no clue that MuWz is essential.
No reason to start Ne if you can worship Kiku for it.

@2:11:02 "I'm 6' tall and I used to be 120 lbs."

I'm 6', have never been fat, and have difficulty imagining that. He must've been extremely skinny.

Sojobo and Nessos sex changes contradict mythology. Nessos was father of all centaurs.

@2:31:45 "Let me sleep on it. I'm gonna call it a night for now. Clearly making bad decisions. We almost died, strictly because I started playing on autopilot: Oh I can survive in Elf."

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