mrg Game #50: MuMo^Gozag (Part 1), reviewed

mrg says:
When a character has a weapon, the formula is (base damage + weapon - 2)
He's been off by 2 the whole time.

That would explain why I haven't felt the need to bother with calculating max possible damage in the early game, and just gone by feel instead, without trying to desperately overtrain Fighting for more MHP.

@41:32 He missteps a lot in critical situations, and it's due to his incompetent ergonomics. I mean he literally accidentally takes a step in the wrong direction often during potentially lethal situations. That's what happens when you move via the number row on the keyboard.

@51:47 He's XL9 with 20 10 16 Str Int Dex on a MuMo, and went Gozag. He's playing a melee mummy. Terrible build.

The right play is to push for Kiku and fall back to Gozag if stuffed, then save up for a book shop to start casting ASAP.

@1:01:11 explaining his skilling:
"Really the #1 thing you want is for your weapon to be at or below speed one."

summary of screen (deeply wrong):
shields primary at 18MC
fighting subsecondary at 7MC
polearms, dodging, Transmutations, Stealth sub-quaternary at 4MC
Spellcasting 3

No reason to train shields to primary unless need to cast. He's wearing heavy armor so that's a waste.
Should be using multiple weapon types, since Fighting apt is +2 greater than melee weapon apts. Probably xblades to conserve XP.

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