I had DgNe and OgAM flipped

I was playing DgAM, and wasn't quite satisfied. Oh sure, it was more than viable, but the species-background synergy felt vague and indistinct.

So I looked through the background list for an alternative, a species to swap with. I easily ruled out every background until I reached Necromancer.

Necromancer is an excellent choice for an atheist. Many species dip Good Gods, but atheist doesn't care about Good Gods' anti-Necro conduct restriction. The Necromancy school is stronger than other schools to compensate for this tradeoff. It is a self-sufficient school, which atheist desperately needs.

The Necro starting book is more focused than Arcane Marksman's. The Book of Necromancy has only one secondary school -- Charms for Regeneration. The Book of Debilitation has three secondary schools. Thus Ogre's +2 Spellcasting is much better suited for Arcane Marksman than Dg's -2 Spellcasting.

Dg sacrifices apts for stats and max HP & MP. This means he should focus on a narrower set of skills, like a Mummy. He has excellent endurance, which suits Necro snowballing.

For Ogre, +0 is a great apt for a weapon or school. +0 Throwing is thus reason to start as a skirmisher. Ogre is one of only two species that can start with Large Rocks, a major advantage. The Throwing Net followed by Large Rock combo is devastating.

Thus I had these two essential builds flipped: It should be OgAM and DgNe.

Switching Og to AM changes little about the rest of the Og guide. He's now an even better Oka turret. Oka supplies Og with early Large Rock ammo.

Meanwhile DgNe becomes self-sufficient and surrounded by servants, just as a budding god should be. May as well use those corpses, since they aren't part of any divine mechanic.

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