How to do unscripted unstreamed screencasting

I couldn't achieve a satisfactory result doing DCSS live commentary. Neither the gameplay nor the commentary was adequate, and it was draining to perform. So I went back to the drawing board.

Since I've been experimenting with tradeoffs, I first clarified my priorities:

  1. Conserve energy
  2. Play and commentate correctly
  3. Demo Textmind

DCSS is a low-priority downtime entertainment activity for me, so energy conservation is the first priority.

Pausing for mini-breaks improves gameplay and reduces fatigue. Camtasia has a pause indicator in the MacOS menu bar. Fullscreen apps obscure this bar. So I switched to maximized apps. I didn't find a way to move the pause indicator off the menu bar, so this is a must. The pause indicator makes pausing much easier.

I started relying more heavily on '3dashboard to manage gameplay and screencasting tasks. That streamlined things, while also demonstrating a small aspect of Textmind.

Next I revisited my assumption that commentary must be live for immediacy. Live commentary only matters when the event is actually live, which my videos aren't. Otherwise the decline in commentary quality due to lack of foreknowledge isn't worth the emotional immediacy. Emotional immediacy is an entertainment value, and I'm not even trying to be entertaining. On the other hand, post-commentary offers higher-quality analysis, which I do value. Not commenting live also increases Textmind text capture, another benefit.

Lastly, I questioned whether I was saving any time by doing live commentary. Doing each separately should result in higher quality and speed for both.

So I tried post-commentary. At first, it was boring as feared. Then I sped the video up to 1.5x, and it became an interesting opportunity to review my play for strategic mistakes, and offer asides during lulls. As a result, my learning accelerated. I was able to manage greater complexity during the silent run, and grasp the big picture better during post.

This method is fully transferable to T3 offline screencasting in general. I'll use it for Textmind notes processing as well. Which means that DCSS screencasting has fulfilled its purpose of improving my screencasting production values.

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