GotM 7 - Kobold Berserker Part 4 | uv4

Game continues in a similar suboptimal vein for part 3 and 4, with yellow zones, losing 1v1 and consumable attrition reflecting build weakness. Problems are less dramatic due to character power growth and inverse difficulty curve. Uv4 calls out some of his obvious tactical mistakes; no need for me to reiterate.

Heavy armor and shield on KoBe is debatable, but the real problem is that a natural mage is worshipping Trog. If you're playing Ko the same as Mi, then you might as well play a MiBe instead.

In part 4 he finally trained some stealth, from 0.

@31:10 Losing 1v1 repeatedly to Emperor Scorpion, and redzoned with Hornet paralysis risk while retreating from Emperor Scorpion with Acrobat.
Spider:2. Weak build.

Another build antisynergy: Trog gifts lots of weapon types that Ko can't use effectively.

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