GotM 7 - Kobold Berserker Part 2 | uv4

@20:43 He's running scared on Lair:3 at XL12. Sad.
His answer for Blink Frogs is a +2 venom dagger. And for elephants and basilisks. And he's not venom kiting correctly, with spaced reapplications of poison.

Did he have to retreat out of an Ice Cave portal as well? Can't remember.

@20:47 Looking ugly, zerked at 1/2 HP surrounded by elephants.
"We're in trouble. I made a really dumb play there."
Unaware that Trog blocks post-zerk paralysis.
Very low HP, redzone.

@23:27 Dying to 2 Blink Frogs, had to zerk them. Inappropriate tactic vs blinkers. Bad build.

@32:36 "We don't have any Stealth skill."
On a KoBe! Ridiculous.

Had lotsa trouble. Ugly Lair.

Not using a rapier AFAICT. Doesn't seem to appreciate the value of high base damage. Rapier is preferred on a KoBe to capitalize on Str.

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