GotM 6 - Gnoll Wizard Part 3 - Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup | uv4

@30:19 Inexplicably dropped his +4 short sword of protection in favor of a +5 dagger of freezing, as a gish. Protection brand is great for increasing AC while casting.

Had to backtrack to get the weapon after encountered Ice Cave. Freezing brand ineffective.

@33:31 Has no effective means of damaging a Freezing Wraith over a Conjure Flame because dropped all his polearms. As a GnWz with apparently only his starting book. Nuts.

35:44 Above was not a nitpick. He's "we're dying" to a pair of Freezing Wraiths. Sad to see the glorious Gnoll so mismanaged. He's not a wizard! They think he is because they have no concept of keeping an array of weapons suited to every situation.

In reality, armor and shield penalties prevent Gnoll from casting much in the early game, and he should wait until skills have caught up with these penalties, rather than sacrificing his defenses for weak generalist casting that isn't much better than the skirmishing he already has.

In general, a character should wear the armor with the encumbrance rating closest to but below his Strength. Otherwise the Strength is wasted and the build weakened.

Flat apts imply flat stats. IIRC, Gnoll has no crosstraining. Thus the melee weapon apts are overstated. Which means Gnoll is:
In melee, flexible in weapon choice (Fighting is +2 higher than melee weapon skills)
In magic, flexible in school choice (Spellcasting is +2 higher than magic schools)
In skirmishing, superior with Bows and Crossbows (+2 higher than Slings and Throwing)
Superior defenses, stealth and Evo
Max Invo

The superiority with Bows and Crossbows doesn't compensate for the loss of a shield, however. So really, Gnoll is a zealot with strong defenses and Evo.

The Wizard start sacrifices defenses and overlevels Int while forbidding early Good Gods, nerfing Invo. It immediately majors in the Gnoll's secondary delayed utility magic role. It appears to be strong initially because Gnoll skills are so high on D1, but loses steam thereafter as the build antisynergies begin to tell.

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