Fixed the TrCk god branch sequence: Xom Jiyva Dith Kiku

Xom wrath:

  • He occasionally summons a surrounding legion of low-tier demons, which doesn't vary by XL or depth.
  • He can Abyss you.
  • He does nothing if one merely waits in a safe area.

Thus leaving Xom becomes less dangerous the longer one delays doing so. One must balance against the fact that Xom becomes more disadvantageous as onscreen tactical complexity grows, increasing the danger of randomness. Elf and Vaults harshly operational sloppiness, so TrCK should abandon Xom before then.

Switching to Jiyva counters Xom wrath. Jiyva immediately reaches very high piety by sacrificing items on cleared floors. Jiyva's Cure Bad Mutations removes Xom's malmutations while leaving his frequent inadvertent benemutations intact, making Xom's wrath actually beneficial. Jelly spawn on injury mitigates Xom's trolling.

If the Jiyva altar spawns at the Slime entrance, then TrCK can worship Jiyva earlier, without fighting down to Slime:5. Switching early is an appropriate response to Xom-induced consumable attrition or severe malmutation.

The sequence:

Xom: Dungeon Lair Orc Water Poison Slime
Jiyva: item farm, Slime Elf Vaults Crypt Depths Vestibule
Dith: Dis:1 wrath Abyss Zot
Kiku: Tartarus:1 wrath Tomb Tartarus Hell Pan Zig Ascent

TrCK faces Jiyva wrath in Dis. He needs rCorr there anyway for Rust Devils. LRD on the metal walls shreds low-AC jellies.

TrCk Dith farms Abyss as long as food supplies hold, reserving 8 rations of the Kiku switch.

Dith wrath little different than being in Tartarus anyway. Wait it out on Tartarus:1.

The obvious reason players don't brave wrath is that it lasts seemingly forever. However the Dith wrath on Tartarus:1 merely helps TrCk reach high Kiku piety before delving deeper into perilous Tartarus. It takes about 6 rations to farm enough piety to start receiving corpse delivery. Even wizmoding all out on Tartarus:1, I got bored long before mollifying Dithmenos' wrath. And I was just holding tab, not actually playing.

It's tempting to say that such aspects of the game should be shortened, but that's premature. First make the game difficult, the lore epic, and the competition meaningful. Then determine whether it's still boring. People happily play long games if they're good. Still, that amount of repetitive grinding seems excessive.

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