FeCj Kiku -> Wu Jian is essential

I wonder which species should worship Wu Jian?

Spriggan? Invo 0 Evo 3. But need Gozag. Fast seems redundant with Wu.

Tengu? I -1 E 0. Flight EV speed synergizes, peck and claw. Lunge is ok. Whirlwind synergizes with bounce and penetration. Wall jump same, and helps when cornered. Low MP use is good. Whirlwind cleave for longblade and aux attacks. Maybe Wu early, Kiku late? Could work.

Felid? I 0 E 1. Synergy with Dazzling Spray and getting cornered. Cleave for claws. Could do after Kiku to devastate in Lichform. Lunge helps stabs. Storm protects vs ranged. Kiku wrath survivable via lives.

Those are the only three options.

SpSk is worst fit. Rule it out immediately.

Tengu wants Veh first, obviously. +3 Conjurations, MP deficit. Then needs Kiku late. No time for Wu.

Felid is Wu Jian, then. Makes sense. Cats are born ninjas. The key to understanding it is that Wu is the SECOND god. FeCj will have Necro and therefore allies. FeCj can make martial moves while slipping between allies for cover. Lichform, Dazzling Spray and Wu cleave synergize nicely. Very ninja-like.

FeCj doesn't go Kiku -> Fedhas due to low Invo. Fe would rather train Evo instead.

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