Exploiting Qaz immunity to Kiku wrath Miasma

I guess CeAs should go Kiku first, then Qaz, cuz he gets immunity from clouds including Miasma immediately.  Nice.
[2020-11-11 Wed 00:59]

Who else would exploit the Kiku -> Qaz Miasma abuse strategy?
Look for high Invo, low Stealth.

Nice, table of apts here!

I guess Draconians must be a candidate.  Necro early is very nice, as is lichform UC.  Then Qaz with hope of major synergy depending on color.
Qaz synergizes with Warper anyway.
DrWp Kiku (Necronomicon) -> Qaz -> ?

Must at least consider CeAs as well.

Those are the only candidates.

Dr Stealth is zero, Dex starts low, and -1 Dodging means won't invest much in it, so despite no body armor, Stealth score will be weak regardless.  Qaz is thus a small sacrifice.  Especially given potential for loud breath.  Can always choose different god post-Kiku if color doesn't fit Qaz.

CeAs is more ambiguous, with -1 Necro.  But he starts with no spells, and his body armor penalties make him want to cast.  Necro is good at being useful despite low spellpower.  I reckon it'll work!

That makes 2 Qaz species, nice.  And yet more Kiku starts, god of death replacing the Zin start supremacy!

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