Essential TeAE: Kiku -> Veh -> Zin (wrath) -> Wu

rethinking TeAE after noticing r/dcss post on Tengu Wu.

Should be early Kiku, surely.  Lichform UC would be great with Wu.  It's doable with -2 Tmut and +1 Necro.

Skeletons conflict with Kiku but Corpse Rot synergizes.
Te good at running from Kiku wrath, if not miasma'd.

I guess Veh earlier to get all the spells.  Then Wu to get an epic Torment defense via clouds LoS.  Heavenly Storm with strong Swiftness is huge.

What about Veh wrath, though?
Probably sit on Hell:1

Kiku (Necronomicon)
Veh (15 gifts)
Zin donate Hell:1 wrath

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