Essential DrWp (spear): Kiku -> Fedhas -> Jiyva -> Makhleb

DrWp (spear)

Ely? Kiku?

green, white, yellow:  Hep hex
red, black, pale:  Qaz  -> Makhleb?
purple:  Sif
Fedhas (grey) -> good gods

good gods? Makhleb?

Confirmed that no draconian breath harms Fedhas allies!
What about TSO allies though?  And Hep allies?  And Qaz?
TSO:  can harm.  Hep:  ibid.  Qaz:  ibid.

So good gods is counter-indicated due to TSO's ally-harm conduct.  Meaning the evil route is preferred.


DrWp (spear)

Kiku (Necronomicon) -> Fedhas -> Jiyva -> Makhleb

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