Essential DEWz: Kiku -> Zin -> TSO -> Sif


Kiku -> Zin/TSO? -> Sif
Kiku -> Fedhas -> Jiyva -> Zin (wrath) -> Sif

But Kiku is stronger than Fedhas and Jiyva for DEWz, so may as well stay Kiku.  Ally screen on demand.

Can safely burn wrath on Hell:1 with Zin.  Suits fragility.
So be it.

DEWz Kiku -> Zin (wrath) -> TSO -> Sif

The question is whether DEWz should worship TSO for Tomb and Tartarus.
Before that, DEWz can run Abyss with Zin to find Statue Form and level non-Necro spells and Invo.

DEWz Kiku (thru Zot:4) -> Zin (wrath, optional Abyss farm) -> TSO (Tomb, Tartarus) -> Sif

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