DCSS Dev Pleasing Fungus foolishly dismisses Agi potions as uninteresting

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Potions of agility were not an interesting item. You plopped them on when you were going to get in a big fight and they made you take slightly less damage. It wasn't something that you used differently from !might or !brill or arguably !haste, just another buff to stack on the pile and clog up your inventory.

Crawl is best when it's asking you to make interesting tactical decisions. Agility didn't!


What twaddle. Agi decisions are certainly interesting. Agi is one of three base stats, each of which does different things. I could stop there, but I'm not feeling merciful. This canard has persisted for some time, and now I finally have a byline to castigate.

Agi is not for "big fights"; Might is the correct potion for big melees. Agi's extra Stealth is great for getaways and stabbing. Agi potions are a critical strategic resource whose deployment is fraught with concern. Agi and Magic Mapping are the best counter to shafts.

Agi has other uses. For example, when approaching an early sleeping Erica for a stab, Agi is a strong choice, because it reduces chance she will wake, increases chance of a one-shot, and improves EV against her bolt spells and scimitar. Due to her light armor, odds of one-shotting her are good. Given her hex potential, preventing her from acting is worth the expense.

In reality, Fungus is merely complaining about the low difficulty which permits lazy decisionmaking, such as his here.

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