Corrected OgNe god-branch sequence: Oka Lug Kiku Mahkleb

OgNe god branch sequence:

  1. Oka: Dungeon Lair Orc Water Poison Elf Vaults Depths
  2. Lugonu: Slime Abyss Zot
  3. Kiku: Crypt Tomb Tartarus
  4. Makhleb: Abyss:1 wrath, Hell Pan Zig Ascent

Slime walls mitigate Oka wrath.

Lugonu breaks Zot:5 walls.

OgNe doesn't stay Kiku because +1 Invo > -1 Necro. Og's huge mHP is a gas tank for Makhleb heals and abilities.

Kiku's wrath is muted in Abyss. Miasma and undead can be left behind. Regen needs to be high anyway, facilitating recovery from Torment. Makhleb assists regen. Miasma can be beneficial as not all Abyss monsters are immune.

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