Ceasing DCSS gameplay uploads. Switching to Binmind demo.

My Bibliodemos YouTube channel had one view in the last 48 hours. That's fine, I never expected my casual audio-less unedited DCSS gameplay to be interesting to anyone. I did it for practice screencasting and to disprove claims that I don't actually play DCSS. Those goals have been met, and therefore there's no reason to continue the hassle of recording, until I am ready to produce a quality product. The minimal interest in these videos is independently verifiable, which counters any attempt to claim that I'm quitting now to conceal a death. There have been no deaths throughout my recording period, or quits to avoid a death. It's simply unreasonable to continue recording videos nobody watches.

I'll continue playing DCSS offscreen, of course. I still need to unlock the mysteries of Extended and finalize the essential combos. I have yet to explore Pan and Zigs. Pan is clearly TSO. Zigs are still uncertain, however. I suspect that Usk is the primary Zig god, because he scales best with monsters onscreen. Makhleb is the obvious evil pick, although prohibitively wrath-expensive for Good Gods followers. I can't yet say how strongly this advantage will influence Zig god selection.

In general, Textmind has proven too complex for an introductory Cyborganize product. It is the most important and revolutionary Cyborganize component, but far too difficult to learn from scratch. Instead I'll demo and teach Binmind first. Binmind contains concepts transferable to Textmind. Binmind's lower adoption cost will build trust and hype for Textmind.

This means there's no rush to complete the Textmind Castle of the Winds and DCSS demos. The Binmind demo will have nothing to do with roguelikes. So I have plenty of time to master DCSS Extended. Meanwhile the current DCSS team continues to maldevelop the game to general dissatisfaction. From observing the process on Tavern, I'm confident that reversing the decline is impossible. The various forks are even worse for balance and vision. So my long term plan to fork DCSS from .23 remains viable and doesn't suffer from the delay.

Textmind's alpha launch has been lazy and sloppy, which is fine. I did just enough to pivot to a better bootstrap. Meanwhile, the Textmind alpha remains as a monolith for the seeker to ponder. My conscience demanded that I leave the path behind me open to someone who resembled my past self. With hard work, such a seeker can grasp the power of Textmind. It can't be adopted in a moment, so a hiatus may allow my audience to catch up.

The Binmind demo will show me organizing non-plaintext files into my non-secret git-annex repo. Sorting will use Emacs Treefactor. The directory schema will be similar to that of Textmind.

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