Advanced GhMo Kiku gameplay guide


He's a hard charger, as aggressive as it gets. Clear a level with minimal looting to maximize chunks during combat. Visit stairs as encountered to snowball chunks. Loot only things that increase immediate power, such as unknown potions, which are an emergency resource.

GhMo Kiku has a skeletal horde chasing him helter-skelter across the map as he stops only to raise additional minions and eat to regen. Stealth mitigates the risk of such recklessness and helps him pick his ground for difficult fights, or make an escape while skeletons screen.

UC to Axes

Mummy is probably the species least capable of multi-melee mastery. Minotaur is one of the most capable. Ghoul is closer to Mummy, but unlike Mummy he's completely dependent on his meleeist role for survival. Thus Ghoul must be exceptionally deliberate about his weapon training focus.

The important thing is to trust that claws are enough. Don't get distracted by a shiny new weapon on ruin your build. Claws are enough… IF you focus them to primary. If you fall behind, then Ghoul's inability to reset will punish you harshly. That's how the species is balanced.

Fighting boosts performance 5% per SL vs 10% for UC, so initially GhMo pays double for UC. At XL1, train UC to primary, Fighting to tertiary. This means training only UC to start. No other skill will come anywhere close to 10% marginal utility, so everything else is tertiary at best.

Eventually GhMo switches fully from UC to Axes. He puts on gloves and stops using UC. He gets 1v1 damage from Maces instead.

The switch officially occurs when he Kiku pain brands a hand axe for Lair's open spaces. Before then, it's a gradual transition. Let's talk about that transition, since it's tricky.

If GhMo finds some relevant weapons from the Axes xgroup, that incentivizes training Fighting, because affects all melee weapon schools.

An elec whip alone isn't worthwhile. Don't waste early XP training Maces, or else Ghoul will fall behind the power curve. If Ghoul starts falling behind and losing melee fights, he's in serious trouble, due to shy regen. With his low melee school apts, he can't afford to multi melee mastery.

UC to Axes is a one-time switch. So keep training UC, and WAIT until the Axes xgroup has enough strong weapons to fully replace UC.

An example acceptable loadout would be a whip of elec, a draining mace, a heavy macelike such as a morningstar, and a decent enchanted axe such as a +2 war axe of chopping. Polearms are unnecessary since GhMo wants to tank for his troops anyway. (A good polearm is nice to have and can substitue for weak Maces options, but a nice polearm isn't required to switch to Axes.)

In the meantime, you may have weapons worth using untrained, most likely a whip of elec, which can easily be better than UC vs high AC. Feel free to train Fighting to a higher MCT such as secondary or primary. You can also increase Armor a tier or two, and Dodging one tier. This is because UC is no longer dominating the primary spot with a huge value per marginal cost.

Consider the trap that occurs if you ignore this advice. You find a whip of elec. Great! Now you can wreck everything. So you stop training UC and set Maces to primary. Now you have no Polearms xtraining, which is sad for an ally-centric build. And if you meet a high AC rElec foe such as a gargoyle, you are countered. Your UC has fallen behind, and your Maces isn't competitive yet. If you had just stayed UC, you would have still killed everything easily enough.

Plus whip of elec is less consistent than claws. Elec is really best suited for countering high AC. It wastes lots of overkill damage, and most hits do little damage. Its inconsistent performance is dangerous for Ghoul, which has difficulty resetting fights.

Whereas elec whip is a trap, draining brand is underrated. Draining brand is counterintuitively good for Ghoul, because it lets him safely eat chunks near the end of the fight, when his foe is too drained to do significant damage. This is exactly the breather Ghoul needs, a substitute for his nonexistent regen kiting.


Ghoul increases Int at least until he's casting Kiku spells. Thereafter it's a question of whatever's most beneficial now.

Most spells are useless and should be ignored to save room for his Necro, Earth and Ice spells.


Armor delivers 2.5 - 5% marginal utility when wearing chain mail. Early Ghoul should wear chainmail despite losing Stealth, because it gives him time to eat chunks. Assuming chainmail, UC Ghoul trains Armor to tertiary.

Once Ghoul is casting, Armor can likely climb to primary. Ghoul will likely wear lighter armor and resume training stealth.

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